mirage and blue pills

so there is a certain aging black female talk show host who unilaterally declared herself the high priest of morality now thinks she can make loud comments political.i can not believe how day in and day out she sits, there and churns out bile to the rest of the world,needless to say those that sit smile and applause all the foolishness of her show are what make her see a skewed reality of her contribution to peoples lives.They are as false as the mirage that Viagra pill creates…..

Its ironic that society is now more and more interested in opinion rather than fact,what ever this woman says has become the gospel truth and people never take time to verify the supposed facts that she hands out.At first i did not have a problem with the circus of a show that she has on many a TV channel she would delve into soapy matters that were neither here nor there in the great scheme of things… matters that were comparable to the recreational activities of housewives such as embroidery and flower gardening. for her to now want to be considered a player in the ice hokey game of global matters by making loud comments on matters political is indeed trading treacherous deep waters.My only advise to her is.. the hand of the master that giveth is the same hand that taketh always be sure never to bloat your head over the little blue pill.