Minister Mangoma: Defaulting ZESA Customers To Be Cut Off

Energy and Power Development Minister, Elton Mangoma has blasted the culture of non-payment of bills and said customers needed to pay for electricity or risk being cut off.

He also said there were customers who had not paid a single cent since dollarisation in 2009.

ZESA recently tightened its credit control system in an effort to recover the $450 million it is owed by customers. As recently as two weeks ZESA was almost cut off by its Mozambican supplier over a $5 million debt. It is disheartening that some of its biggest defaulters however were Ministers and MPs some of whom owe the parastatal tens of thousands of dollars.

The minister said the defaulting was resulting in erratic supply of electricity as ZESA was unable to meet development targets.

Minister Mangoma did add that disconnection would be a last resort in the event of efforts to collect debt failing to bear fruit.

Source: Byo24News

  • Sedzet

    People in Zimbabwehave since been gettin less electricity to use an average of 60 hours out of 168 hrs of the week, mostly which in the residential areas they get that power overnight while most appliances are switched off, yet they receive exhausting bills thus so they will not pay