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mic inity a whisper away from taking throne as king of Zimbabwean reggae scene

Men, women and anything in between all make their way to the Mannenberg Jazz Club every Wednesday for the highlight of an entertainment week to be privy to the Mic Inity experience.

Now I will say that I am not a huge fan of the rendition scene but this kid does it differently. And his original work, unless you’re told, has the sort of quality that will go toe to toe with the best in the business. It is pure reggae and not some poor derivative. He is the genuine article.

The beauty of it all is the humility displayed by the Marondera-born Mike Madamombe.

From his days with transit crew, he has grown from strength to strength in the business.

There are many out there who can lay claim to knowing greats such as Luciano from early days in the dark corners of Jamaica. We might be able to say the same of Mic and have the priviledge of being accused of lying!