Mechanic Manyeruke has a ‘Hope for Zimbabwe’ concert in Chitungwiza this Sunday

This Sunday 21 January, the HOPE FOR ZIMBABWE’ CONCERT will be held at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex from 2-6pm, presented by the much-loved Zimbabwean gospel musician, Mechanic Manyeruke.

Mechanic Manyeruke

Alongside the man himself, the line-up includes artists in his own family – his son Guspy Warrior, and daughter-in-law Mandy Manyeruke – along with exciting musical talent Tariro neGitare and David Machaka.  Entry is free for all!

Manyeruke has produced over 25 albums in his long musical career, growing to be a household name in Zimbabwe, delighting his audiences and ministering to millions of Zimbabweans through his music on the airwaves.  In celebration of his achievements and to honour his consistency, a documentary film is being made of the icon, and footage from the concert will be included in the documentary.

‘Baba Manyeruke’, as he is affectionately known, believes that the family unit is God’s instrument for national unity and is therefore the hope that Zimbabwe needs.  He said, “The family is a place where people practice forgiveness, exercise tolerance and celebrate diversity.  It is the foundation and bedrock for national progress.  If the family concept were to be applied in our nation, peace, love, unity and tolerance would prevail, ensuring prosperity and fulfilment for the citizens.”

The concert will demonstrate exactly that family concept, as we witness Baba Manyeruke on stage with his son Guspy Warrior (who performs a totally different genre of music from his father) and the debut performance of his daughter-in-law Mandy, alongside members of his musical ‘family’ – the fast-rising young songstress and guitarist Tariro ne Gitare, and gifted gospel singer-songwriter David Machaka, who will perform their own music and also a rendition of their favourite Mechanic Manyeruke songs.  With all these, and other supporting acts, the Hope for Zimbabwe Concert promises to be exciting, inspiring, and not to be missed.

Through the many trials and tribulations in our history, many Zimbabweans have turned to God and live in hope, ministered to by such gifted messengers of the gospel of love, peace and strong family values.

Hope is free and the Hope for Zimbabwe Concert is free – all people everywhere are welcome!

Concert presser

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