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mdc-t flip-flops.. so what is new?

The MDC National Council released a statement after a meeting that they would join the government of national unity and then Nelson Chamisa who is just about as crazy as Bright Matonga comes out and says no that is not true. Which makes you wonder whether there is a discord of a serious nature between Tsvangirai and the rest of the leadership. 

But then leadership is a word that is oftentimes loosely thrown about and therefore prostituted. We call them leaders but they are just followers in disguise. Now I am not sure they follow but they follow something that makes them unsure of themselves. The biggest weakness of leadership is the fact that trust neitherr its peers nor it’s followers.
And therein lies the problem with the main protagonists. They believe that without them there will be no Zimbabwe. One because they won they brought liberation and the other because they think they represent the future… 
That is why some always seek  a perfect solution when they are imperfect and an imperfect world. It’s like the answer is there but we need a complicated version of it for it to make sense dont we? 
Daft blind and almosy stupid. 
But then it is not the MDC alone that have behaved so indecorously. Immature people colonised that as a whole.
Democracy is a load of rubbish because it just causes an abdication from decision-making whiuch to some may seem a complete paradox from the earlier position but it isnt. Because in reality what we call democracy is nothing but a big sham. It;’s a circus and we love the illusion.
Everyone does it and so when I say MDC have done it, it is not a damning indictment on them. It is the society that just creates that space and opportunity.