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mayhem in harare as rogue soldiers attack civilians

Harare is getting a bit scary now. And well it is because soldiers have been going around assaulting members of the public and taking money off them. Members of the military police were deployed to contain the situation.

To be honest I feel sorry for everyone here. The government is in a state of limbo. The country is broke and well the poor blokes are beginning to feel the pinch. And it is a nasty place to be. Because what do you do really?

All you can get is five hundred thousand dollars and that cant even get you public transport. And these loyal servants of the nation are then looked down upon by cash barons and dealers running around the country at the moment like they are the real heroes. It’s a terrible place to be.

And meanwhile one of the political parties is acting as if we have eternity to fix things. It’s a mess right now and you just wonder what will happen next.

And the sad thing is that for everyone else out there it is just a news story, when real lives are going are living through real hells. It is one thing to leave a bad taste in the mouth. This leaves no taste at all.

God have mercy on Zimbabwe.