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Martin Luther King Jnr is ressurected in Barack Obama

Everytime Barack Obama has spoken he has grabbed the world’s attention in the fashion of a rockstar with corporate and political power.

In a world where there was so much despair for a few hours there was celebration. There was optimism and there was the feeling for a moment that anything was possible. 
It had been a long struggle that had culminated in one of the most significant occasions in the history of the world. The most powerful country in the world was going to be led by a minority. Yes he would have limitiations while he was in power but in reality he had manouevered himself with skill into a position where he could run and capture the imaginations of not just a natiuo  but the world at large.
A change has happened and the message of hope resonates throughout the world. Barack ran a very good campaign and if he has 3/4 of the organisation in his government as he had in the campaign then America will be better over it.
But that is just it isn’t it. While the world celebrates with wreckless abandon this is all about America. Kenya may have set aside a day of celebration but in reality Barack is the president of the United States and his job is to defend the constitution of America. He has struck a blow for minorities there and inspired millions abroad but that is it.
He has the same effect on the world as MLK  had on the movement in the States. He is the new face of the struggle and men will tell their children over fires years from now about how they cried when they saw Barack Obama take to the stage as the president-elect on 4 November 2008.
In Africa, a woman’s life will depend on her leader while a man in Harare will hope that Mugabe and the oppostion figure it out.
Life will go on and the speeches will be sweet. Barack will be disillusioned a bit and moreso his supporters but the page in history will simply be that, a page.
For now we smile and celebrate. But change ? Well that is still in  a  room locked away in a cupboard and the conservatives have the jury in their pocket