Malema Addresses Implats Workers

Julius Malema addressed over 17 000 workers who were dismissed recently as a result of the strike that began on January 20.

The workers were protesting over the selective granting of pay hikes that somehow overlooked them. One of the striking workers’ main demands was a wage of R9 000 after deductions, compared to the current wage range of between R3 000 and R4 500.

Malema who sounded rather subdued compared to his usual utterances is quoted as saying “employer must be prepared to negotiate. Negotiations means give and take.”

Malema has been holding a consultative meeting with miners on working conditions in the mine and the nationalisation of mines in Freedom Park.

Malema who of late has had troubles of his on within the ruling ANC, is one of those people you either love or hate.It appears he has  now chosen to take a softer stance on some matters so as to remain relevant in discussions on national issues.

Source:M&G, SA