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lunchtime mall action

eish look at that another hot white chic gone and the ones here look so fuckable.. when i was in the mall at lunch met some indian chic dude can she gaze or wot? wots that word oggle, yes thats it! she had this shimmering black mane.. caught her staring on my way in and out, double dose so i stared back… i think we left that contest on deuce, for those that play tennis or have an inkling of it you understand the pressure and relief (simultaneous)(- almost sounds like indecision (that illness, terminal at that) which the feminine sort would kill to cure. well at least i hope they do seeing as they never know wot they want.. shiite id swear they change underwear twice in the space of one morning. of course we could exact blame on morning glory orgasms and wetness but indecision takes that load to the bank! insatiabilis sez ”forget the underwear and rid yourself of the challenge that is deciding”. evolution is tricky from a dead white girl to chronic indecision about underwear.. fcuk! can lunchtime mall action create such? beware!

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