When Love Turns Sour… As it usually does…

The Billboard Awards were on Sunday night, for those who did not watch the awards you did not miss much really… maybe the men on the boat are a bit fatigued by the same routine that these awards seem to go through. The only highlight if it can be called that was Justin Bieber planting a wet one on Selena Gomez.

First of all we want to say welcome to manhood to Justin, we could see a bit of your man hair sprouting on your upper lip. We also have a little advice for the young seventeen year old. Dude we know you were a little overwhelmed by the awards you won so yes we understand you were a wee excited, but dude kissing your first girlfriend as a man, live on TV is cute but is never to be repeated again.

If your actions were not a result of some Coup de Foudre, we would like to tell you that such is the kind of insanity that will hunt you for the rest of your life.  Selena is your first girl there will be many others coming your way and with your celebrity status probably in their thousands if you doubt this ask Julio Iglesias. Not many men marry the girls they fell for at 17 some do but it is something we in the boat don’t encourage just like we don’t encourage accepting money from a woman its cute but is not to be done for one day you will rue the day you did it.

Some things Justin are just good as ideas and we as men don’t actually do them… we may talk about doing them in fact its best to talk about it so many times so that these said things may starts appearing like real events that actually happened in the relationship (trust us on this one girls don’t mind that at times they fall in love with the idea too.)

Having said this if your actions were bargaining chips of a more elaborate scheme like those things that could have happened after the show in the hotel room with Selena… things that we cannot print in this family friendly blog then we certainly need not to worry about you because you might have just earned your first wings.