so i was on the my way from Jersey city into New York and as always morning is the worst place to be on the path train these scenes are reminiscent of the all too familiar chicken buses of Africa the dirt and the sweat is of equal proportion the only missing props were one or two bamboo-caged chickens under the seats but trust me judging by the number of West Africans in New York City I’m sure on certain days a rare siting of the bamboo cage can be spotted. . .

i had been wedged involuntarily into a corner by a multitude of working class masses who truly believed they were living the dream, next to me stood a rather fat woman,who’s elbow was burrowing into my side and was totally oblivious of the fact that she could make one of my kidneys collapse at any moment. if we had given her a basket of tomatoes and bananas and wrapped a brightly coloured blue orange and purple scarf on her head she would have completed the African train experience.

As i stood there and absorbed every passing moment of my torture and pondered on what awaited me in the office, i was reminded our good friend Vaclav klaus (who unfortunately could not join us on this particular boat trip due to state business) he would have reminded me that i was indeed steeped deep and a certified member of the rat race and of how there was no difference between the aspirations of the socialist and the capitalist and the fact that environmentalism was just like any other -ism a social science and economic systems which is meant to direct the behaviour and habits of people the only difference being of course that socialism was the more purer of the two.

My own thought were beginning to depress me i realised i was in it up to my neck so i i had to find a distraction before i had a nervous break down and start having those unforgiving heart palpitations, i looked around for an escape and started reading those adverts on the walls of the train but because i had read them so many times that week alone i soon lost concentration and my eyes started wondering and sure enough i soon found something interesting.

being a student of human behaviour my trained eye dawned on a very peculiar pattern which i had never previously given much thought i noticed that most of the people even in their cramped circumstance were either nodding their heads to music on their ipods or trying to find little space so that they can send text on their Blackberry or IPhone. so what is so wrong with this you may ask? after all this is the digital age.

these are the technological advancement mankind had granted himself ..forget the fact that as a people we are becoming more and more divided and relationships more and more dysfunctional at least we still had instant communication.

to communicate or not to communicate was not were i had my misforgivings i was more concerned with where our civilisation was fast trodding to…. all the forwarding deleting and replying, MMS SMS TXT has resulted in the promulgation of a totally new single universal language…. the language of the tomorrow….. friends i shudder to think what the year 2050 holds for us i honestly think that is when the world comes to a screeching stop. People seem to have so much to say but are just now too busy to say it properly so saying great somewhere along the line became GR8 in the year 2050 we will all speak this language wherettyl gtg bb idk w bt b4 8pm” will replace what used to be “talk to you later i have to go i will be back, i don’t know when but before eight o’clock PM”

language as we know it slowly but surely disintegrating trust me before we all die we wont know how to laugh as we do today we will be walking around both arms stretched forward and speaking this language.One day in the year 2050 you will be siting at a bar with you friend having a few cold ones again with both arms stretched forward and you try crack an old fashioned joke (which by the way will be illegal to do so ) and your friend looks back at you with no feeling or emotion and murmurs the words LOL because then people would have forgotten how the actual act of laughing is executed. A God fearing man like me is not too keen of the prospects of one language we all know what happened to the brothers in Babel so before it all happens i will join one of those cults where we will wear white or crimson robes and drink rate poison or something.

  • Kudalove

    LOL! Too true. GR8 article. more means of communication but we have less to say each other. Our children and grandchildren wont even have teachers in their classrooms, talking computers or something…

  • Bella

    nostalgia in every line i read. if you remember when the ‘future’ movies started showing and we thot they were far fetched with their assumptions that the future would hold no feelings, but virtual feelings made possible by advanced technology, we’re fast living those movies out with our text talk, with conference meetings, ‘dating’ people you have actually never met, we’re heading to artificial existence, with pretencious cyborg lives….i miss the good old fashioned ways,what did, is it Babyface say…bring back those simple days of yesterday, wen a man was a man, wen a friend was a friend, when you said wat you meant, and you meant wat you said