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living in different worlds

It amuses me immensely when I see people living in one era talking about how times were different and of course better than the ones they find themselves in now. Yes, the talk about how the world was so much better and there was much more, I dare say honesty and the politicians and lawyers were more benevolent. Ah yes that time, that place, that space.

What turns me over even more is how people who lived in the same time and space have such different views of the world.

Now I am one who never reminisces because it is rather pointless. The past is gone. Yes it was great compared to now, but it probably didnt feel so good then. So be about now and solutions for now and the future are the only ones that matther.

That said it must also be noted with due respect to, well whoever deserves it, I can remember how the world I lived in was so different to I dare say even my neighbour. Granted one of them was related to the then President of the country and the other was the first homosexual I had ever met. Mind you I didnt know he was homosexual and didnt know why the called him a poof. But even then in the same time, the world was different because even in amongst all this, we have individualities we don’t even have to strive for.

See this? on 5 August 1962, Norma Jean Mortensen, baptised Norma Jean Baker and known to the world as Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose of barbituates.Somewhere in Johannesburg in South Africa, on the very same day, after a tip-off from the United States Central Intelligence Agency as to his whereabouts in disguise, Nelson Mandela was arrested and jailed by South African authorities, having been on the run for 17 months.Now, same day, same planet, different worlds