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life’s vulgar moments

I stood outside OK Fife Avenue and picked out five chryslers straight off the bat. Yes five. This felt like one of the those things that are mentioned in one of Jay-Z’s songs and I was like damn! What the hell?

You see the Zimbabwe government recently said that they were too broke to get a few things done to fix the economy. Yes. Too broke to do anything. And yet here I was looking at five chryslers. And I am not talking about dodgy knock-off chryslers. I am talking about the sort that have a cool sounding name and are rumoured to be able to do the whole space travel thing – approved by Sir Richard Branson of course.

And fr those who are in the know this is not upmarket area. This is the Avenues. Ok there is the fancy side on the other side of Greenwood Park but come on people. This is vulgar.

But I am not about to hate them. They do what they have to do. So ah well