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Life After Cde Mbeki

The world or part of it watched as Cde Thabo spoke last night and bade farewell to the hot seat that is the presidency of the schizophrenic country called Zimbabwe.

Just a few weeks back they were calling for Zuma’s head and then suddenly their knives were pointed at our dear comrade.  Dear Cde Thabo who stood so resolutely with such grace only found in the school of a certain Robert Mugabe(no pun intended) and delivered his last address to the nation. He connected because he was emotional about leaving and suddenly Helen Zille and friends who had been calling for his resignation were championing his human rights cause. How pathetic
He did well enough and South Africa will not necessarily go down the drain without him. But he did say that if he had not quit it would have caused bloodshed. That is a striking comment of some proportion really. Bloodshed? Is it that close.
It raises questions about the divisions within the ANC? Did he jump before the ship started sinking? What is the fallout going to be from this because this is not the end of it all.
Has Cde Thabo just booked his ticket to Zimbabwe to stay for a while?