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let them fornicate

There is always a prism or some other sort of ism about what they define as choice in life. I for one am in a place in my life where many questions remain unanswered because belief is often overrated. I am not sure what one does with a defined pace and everything else that comes with it. But that is the easy part

I am not going to talk about my dislike for the common cause that is to be documented as we go on. I will speak rather of the ill-gotten gains of being a man of not so common inclinations having to deal with what one would call normal behaviour.

Every so often while you are coasting along in your relatioinship and performing the required functions with acceptable efficiency she comes across and use the f-word. No not that word, the other one. The one where she asks you about your feelings for her.

Women don’t seem to understand that as men we are never really interested in trying to fix a relationship that seems to be working just fine. Where you are going to be with her in a few years suddenly becomes something that is very relevant now. Sure you were looking at Sue and Tendai over there and they were dishes for sure but you were pretty content with being in that relationship.

Then at that point, whatever you say is never enough. That is becaiuse in reality she doesnt know where you were both going. And because you wanted to sound winning you then said to her that you were promising the earth and the planets around it. Scratch that, the universe was also on the table, but wait, you needed to qualify your statement and everything goes awry and you argue more than you make love.

It is then that I say, let them fornicate, and dont ask questions when you not sure you want to know the answer. Because let’s face it, as humans we are masters at over-estimating what people want.

But then again if you don’t answer the question, you’re screwed.

They say there is life out there. Maybe we will get a better option to the one we have now… The bra burners just burnt a new effigy!