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johanna’s visions in the masses

In the song Visions of Johanna by the incomparable Bob Dylan he mentions a little boy who takes him so seriously, brags about his misery and likes to live dangerously.

That is almost a microcosm of how the world lives today. They say it is straight talk but the bragging rights belong to the bad boys of society. But beyond that we live in a world filled with excuses. Human beings are ready more than ever before to accept fault but not the next bit. That is doing something about our faults.

That is simply the most annoying thing in the world. Yes I am a schizophrenic and you should have to deal with it. So what I have had sex with 1700 women. I should be celebrated and not vilified. If you find something wrong with it that is your problem.

Of course in a world of political correctness the majority have become prisoner to the minority. It is no longer proper to say Merry Christmas in case we offend the different other lots who do not quite agree with the majority. Mind you we have to accept certain misnomers as well that the majority find repugnant in order to protect the interests of the minority. After all the majority don’t matter.

And then when we have xenophobic behaviour like that in Alexandra in South Africa then we wonder what happened. Now let me say without any equivocation that any form of bigotry is the lowest form to be. But at the same time, sometimes little people whose voices have been taken away by legislature turn to what one would call the laws of the jungle to put a point across. Because they have not been allowed to speak their minds before, now they pounce on the unholy innocents.

That having been said and set aside, it will come down to one very important thing. What do we do about a world that has lost interest in responsibility since everything is based on opinion? We wait for a swing and hope that we don’t miss.

Of course if we nick it to first slip, that might just be a problem. For life, like cricket offers you but one chance and we just hope the fielder that is the grim reaper spent just a bit to long in the pub last night…

In short, the visions of Johanna, keep me up past dawn hoping the answer comes from somewhere