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Interesting doors for Zimbabwe

So things are changing and people just don’t see it. Yes the dealers are seeing their fortunes fading and screaming blue murder and cursing the heavens and everything else in between. But in some weird way it feels as if the corner has been turned.

It’s not that we suddenly know where we are going but things have changed. Something in the soul was adjusted and ah well it is now going to be an interesting ride from here on. There will be screams and there will be ululation and then at the end of it all we will wonder what all the fuss was about.
So now because the RTGS and Internal-Account transfers have been suspended people are now working on ban cheque rate. Of course the hint I am getting from sources is that the reserve bank is on its way to blocking that option as well and check this, some rumours have it that if anyone has over hundred million dollars and cannot account for it, the state is getting its hands on it. 
It is opening interesting doors I tell you. Tax evasion and all those other things are coming and it will be a lot of oops moments.