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inside KMAL’s boardroom war

So when Kingdom was in a bit of a fix in 2004 John Moxon came in with a fistfull of dollars and bailed them out. 

Then when he was not too fancied by Old Mutual John Moxon once again helped Nigel Chanakira out.
Then he had him leading KMAL until the day when they fell out.
Now the thing is some people have already been quick to call Moxon all types of names but in reality Moxon earned his keep. Together with the Miekles Trust they own 44% of the KMAL shares and put together with Old Mutual’s shares they have 78%. And they both have agreed on the EGM where they are pushing for Chanakira’s exit. 
Econet and Afre with all due respect are rather insignificant and compromised. 
Chanakira just wasn’t cut out for it. From Banking to the big time… Too big a step I am afraid…
WHat is annoying however is how Nigel is playing the whole thing out in the media with that whole externalisation busines. 
Oh what does he do if he wins it after dragging the company through a fair bit of mud?