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innovative re-awakening on slippery oil

So on the eleventh of July we had the price of oil at over 146 dollars and we were wondering what would happen next because as we will all know, oil affects everything. And as of yesterday it was 124.44. That interests me greatly because that determines markets and the lot and as such we have put an oil price tracker, live and all for those that have the same avid interest in the matter.

That having been said what is with the US House of Representatives bailing out the irresponsible borrowers? Of course one will argue for Freddie and Fannie – something weird about those names out together that makes it sound like a porn movie – and the implications their collapse would have on a million homes but given that there is no discrimination over who gets the aid it means the privatisation of profits and rewarding misdemeanour. It’s a farce really.

But who cares about that, when the french with their 35 hour week suddenly woke up to their realisation that if you work less then you will not get too far will you. With their 1.7% growth they have decided that maybe working as much as everyone else does might just result in more money hitting the public coffers.

But on that front I have become an expert at minimising how much work I put in with what I call THE INNOVATION. Now I must admit straight off the bat that I just made that title up now because a suggestion otherwise would be a blatant lie.

My day is comprised of 60% on what I need to do, 20% on things outside the box, and the other 20 on getting others to things that is outside their box… assuming they have a box. It is this weird thing they call leadership which means barking all day at people and taking the proverbial pee on unmarked or even marked territory.

AT this point I know certain men who just picked up the phone to call their wives with a few uneasy questions…