I don’t live today

It is not so common cause sometimes that the consciousness of freedom is not really connected to the demonstration of one’s ability to maintain it.

I give the example most times of a man who sets the highest standard for the women he wants to to be with, at least from an aesthetic point of view but does nothing to improve himself so as to attract and at least give the impression that he can maintain such a woman.

You see, as an addendum to that analogy, one would then also speak of what has been done by many men to get her where she has come to, the amount of work that has been put in to refining her and that when she decides to almost settle for the next man, he must be an upgrade from the last she had on whatever level. Of course this does not factor in the minor matter of the sort of people we are inclined to attract and what we do with them, and of course why we seem to be involved in the same sort of failing relationships.

But this is not piece of social engineering and I am not going to suddenly go on some lecture about attracting the right person for you because the reality of the situation is that good advice is very rarely well-received.

As it turns out though the prospect of freedom is more daunting than most people would like to maintain it is. Think of civil liberties as a guage and try to spring from the depths of ineptitude what you would call the ideal place.

You see what I shall term freedom is the thing that you would defend with your body. In essence it is the thing that if you had your life and you didn’t have it, then you would be as good as dead. Before that you have not craved for it; it has not consumed you and quite frankly you can do without it. The only thing that would be a by-product of such a set of circumstances is you being a little unhappy, inconvenienced at worst.

Jimi Hendrix who of course had a penchant for kissing the sky did say I d0n’t live today, it’s such a shame to waste your time like this.

One man spends his life chasing a dream he has been told to believe in, then all of a sudden it is gone. I would say it is shame but then the zealots would call it blasphemy. But that is like being asked to watch the sunrise when you have no eyes…

  • cherish

    too true my brotha. i have no problem with people setting standards, but it sets my teeth on edge wen the same person comes nowhere near the bar he’s set. but i see it every so often! if you want a bima you gotta be able to maintain it or you’ll kill yourself and your shallow pocket just trying to get it washed. and another thing – just because someone comes out beta from a relationship with you dont mean you have refined them, you may only have been a catalyst, so pips shouldnt go taking credit where it dont belong. and yes, the next level must always be a step higher than the last, otherwise wats the point

  • Kudalove

    true, when men think they can tell a woman how to handle relationships, past and present, when we are the engineers of our own destiny and they cant even handle such a woman or the fact that they have been involved in destroying the psych of other women in their past relationships. when we choose to do better, then that better choice must be them but who says they are anyway?

  • Bella

    i think we learn from every relationship and sometimes it helps handle the next relationship differently, sometimes it doesn’t. some relationships build us, others just crush our self esteem and self worth. i agree, if you’re going to set standards, meet them yourself, and don’t expect too much from people simply because you think you give much-sometimes the much you’re giving isn’t much by someone else’s standard. life isn’t always fair. she can be a b**ch