How #HIFA2015 Was Really ARTiculate

Sunday saw the end to an interesting and inspiring Harare International Festival of the Arts.

CABS Opera Gala

CABS Opera Gala

It did not have as many big names as previous editions and when we saw the programme we were a bit like, hmmmm.

For the open-minded who exposed themselves to the actual art at the festival and not merely headliners this was an experience the organisers can be applauded by way of a slow clap for.


Acts little known in this neck of the woods like Digittz, Gran’mah and True Vibenation rocked it. We saw the power of the Mansa of Mali on the ZOL Main Stage after he gave the event a powerful ending showing the power in the unity of purpose of a nation. Easily 4,000 were in that area for that show. And who will forget Vee Mukarati’s coming out party on Saturday night on the Coca-Cola Green?

Then there was a lot to be loved from the theatre programme with A Tree To Sing To, Hela, The Taking all in a rich range of products that would have challenged some of the best we have seen in the 16 year history of HIFA.


Much can be said about the toilets situation for example(HIFA we really need more), the dead stage on the Coke Green(That’s a tough one) and a few other things ultimately we come to festivals to experience art and this year we can say without equivocation that they delivered

Next year, we are pretty sure a few more people will be engaging in what festivals are about. It is not about the big name and the headline act (although it is nice to have them). It is the art. That is what we go for. To see something that otherwise would not make it into this neck of the woods.

ARTiculate, we say.