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History is made in Harare

Thousands were outside and trying to break in to watch history. Others had their radios on and TVs for reference and a collective sigh of relief was heaved across the continent. The day has come for Africa to really do more than lay claim to the fact that she wields power.

The three principals gave three very different speeches. Two were populist and the other was from a statesman. All three were appropriate and addressed the broad issues. But they caused quiet optimism.

Now the real work starts and Zimbabwe rolls its sleeves up and finds a solution.

It will mean that understanding of the deal must be made more apparent to the people because they have to run with it. And the policies have to made clear. The new way needs to be very clear or else speculation will this deal in the water.

I am sure that there is a good section of both sides that is not happy with this deal but this is the best chance Zimbabwe has at getting something going. Because the visions are linked. It is after all one Zimbabwe and it needs to go beyond the populist rhetoric to being about the country.

I have to say that Mutambara has done rather well for himself given the fact that he was a nobody in the political circles just a minute ago. But alas he walks in the corridors of power now. Wonder where he is going to next…

New Zimbabwe? Nah. Just Zimbabwe rebranded!