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HIFA opens, like I give a shit

So the HIFA fanfare rolls into town and the circus is on from tonight till Sunday. People excited and I have threats made against me at the moment cause I have said no thanks for personal reasons.

In the words of my friend Shiloh, I don’t fancy the idea of watching people masturbate on stage. It is not in the same time zone as my idea of fun yeah?

Although I am in a bit of trouble with someone from the fairer sex because I will not attend the HIFA opening ceremony. She is giving ME a hard time and trying to go on the whole guilt trip.

You know, I am no hater and all cause they do organise a good festival. It is just that the essence of it all is out of touch and targeted at a minority. And that is just awful. Downright pathetic stuff you see and I am like we shouldnot really be standing for it in Zimbabwe 29 years after the fact.

That said I am not going to say anything against people who will choose to go there. That is a choice that is well within their rights. And it is in my rights not to attend.