Woman Survives Zambezi Bungee Accident

Erin Langworthy an Australian woman must be thanking her gods after she narrowly escaped death after a bungees jump accident on New Year’s Eve.

The cord that was tied around her feet snapped as she launched herself off the Victoria Falls Bridge, a good 111 metres above the Zambezi River. She was then washed downstream with the bungee cord still wrapped around her feet.
The crazy part is there was no one waiting to help her below. We are surprised at the lack of safety and rescue measures at the jump site. The only thing people present at the site could do was to watch the ordeal unfold.

Langworthy who was on the Zambian side of the river, had to swim to the Zimbabwean side for safety. The Zambezi river is infested with crocodiles and dangerous rock and Erin is luck to have survived with only minor bruises.

For those who had bunjee jumping on their bucket-list will be thinking two or three times about it. We say take the leap of faith. You live once right?


Watch the fall below-