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gprs to hit Zimbabwe streets

So Zimbabwe is now attempting to catch up with the rest of the world in as far as technology is concerned. It is common cause that the cellphone networks are piss-poor at best and only connect better now because noone who earns a salary or otherwise can afford to make a cal at the current rates.

That aside Econet Wireless which is the biggest network is rolling out a commercial version of their gprs platform which has been in beta testing for the past 226 years.

I have been using it for the past month and it seems alright for checking, say the mobile facebook group but it isnt good for much else. When used in a modem you will get a response but nothing to write home about.

Because it is competing with voice it is only barely usable now because not many people are making calls now. But what happens when you have a high subscription? It becomes one of those services that are there but are a joke. But then the Zimbabwean customer has never been known to complain about service so they will accept whatever they get and move on. right?

However the qualm I have is the pricing. At 84 dollars it is very expensive. The fact that service is pretty shit aside it is expensive. I guess the target market is not those who need it the most but those who have the money to use it.