google’s pretty browser coughs to finish line

Everytime that google says something about new technology it’s almost like the days when the US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan would sneeze and the rest of the world would catch a cough.

Remember when we had email that was just 2mb over at hotmail while the blokes at yahoo boasted a whole 4mb(6mb if you were one of the lucky ones). Then suddenly google came in and said forget that, we are offering 1Gb. That was the sort that hotmail and friends were making you pay for and google was offering it to you for free.
Beyond that emails were set out differently and put together with a whole lot of other gizmos. 
Exciting stuff.
This time however it is google that has caught the cold. Someone sneezed a long time ago and google being well-immunised did not catch the cold. They went on for a while trying to fight everyone and then suddenly that cough caught up with them.
Chrome is the new offering from google. It looks slick with its minimal design – very pretty to look at unless you like husky or majored in some sort of art form that honours throwing mud at canvas –  and runs well enough to not be a nuisance. It is almost next generation but it isnt really offering you anything super-bloody-fabulous that the folks at Mozilla have not been giving us. It’s not faster than Firefox at loading pages but it is not the drone that Internet Explorer offers.
What I do like is however that when the browser crashes it is not the whole application that crashes but just the tab you were working on. For those of us with dodgy machines which keep crashing after numerous visits to this comes as a welcome relief of course.
Now I have no doubt that the google fans will catch onto this browser but this browser will ride on its name rather than on real innovation until google pushes something that takes browsers out of a different box.
For now I will stick to my reliable Firefox whole I run my not-so-critical stuff on chrome.
That said I just typed and loaded this blog from chrome…
  • Sir Kill

    Nice neat browser. Its like a new pizza and I’m now waiting to see what extra toppings may come on offer. Unfortunately with most BETA apps, the final doesn’t show much difference, and in this case I think they’ll just be perfecting the dough. But it is a good dough they are starting off with.