Have Fun In The Zim Colour Run

This Saturday, thousands of Hararians will be splashed with colour at the most fun party in Harare ever – the Zimbabwe Colour Run.

color run1

The Zim Colour Run is at Borrowdale Race Course

What’s this all about we hear you ask?

Well it’s the most fun lap around Borrowdale Race Course ever run by a human being, ever. You will pass under 5 coulour zones and get showered with vibrant colours.  Don’t worry the colour is a totally safe powder that will not harm you.

There are only 3 rules:

  • Wear white at the starting line
  • Finish plastered in color
  • Have a blast!

After that, the party will continue until midnight with DJ Dizzy, Charles Summerfield & URJ, DJ Chris Taylor, 8 Count Dance Troupe, Drum Cafe, Missing Party, Patience Musa & Synergy, Vincent Cee, Chikwata.263, DJs Rax and Raydizz.


Zim Colur Run supports the Emerald Hill School for the Deaf and the SPCA

It’s all for a cause. You will be supporting two great charities – the Emerald Hill School for the Deaf and the SPCA.

This all takes place on Saturday 7 December, at the Borrowdale Race Course. The race itself starts at 12 noon. There is also entertainment for the kids so bring them along. And yes, you can bring the old folks too.

How do you take part? Check out the registration information below.

Registration Information:
          Clock Tower in Sam Levy’s Village | ZOL Eastgate office |  Solution Centre, 118 Enterprise Road
When:              Sam Levy’s : Mon-Sat 10-4:30 & Sun 10-3:30

How Much:   FREE for kids under 7, $5 for under 12, $15 adults

Top find out more about event view their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/zimcolourrun

Or watch the Youtube video below

Click here if the video is not playing.

  • Knowledge Manyika

    You should’ve also specified that it is safe for all the ladies with weaves out there.

    looking forward to it.