Fun things to do with x-ray

Given that I have a piece of metal in my right leg I am both thankful and not-so-thankful about the invention of the X-Ray by some German dude called Wilhelm Rontgen. Well I think they call it discovery.

So yes I am thankful for them because if there wasn’t any x-ray i would probably not have a leg

Then now I hate X-Ray because the airport is going to be fun every time I go through there

But here are some fun things to do with X-ray

– check what people are wearing underneath
– see through walls
– hide weird things so if someone is looking at yo through x-ray they will see weird stuff
– making them sound like new technology to people who dont know
– making a stick men movie using really people cause you will only see their bones

OK… in reality there are probably a thousand other cooler things to with x-ray but, I guess I can have a drink to the dude.

But no it is a Monday we don’t drink on Mondays

  • MahirS

    You’re weird.