Freak Lightning Leaves Two Dead

Two pupils, Sharon Sibanda (13) and Bongile Ndlovu (12) died when they were struck by lightning at a school playground in Mangwe on Wednesday.

The injured were hospitalised at Plumtree District Hospital for injuries ranging from severe burns, headaches and painful eyes.

A teacher at the school is quoted as saying some children were scattered on the ground, with their uniforms ablaze and some villagers said they had to douse the pupils with water to put out the fire.

A total of 38 out of the 40 pupils who were struck were from the same class. The traumatic incident has left teachers and villagers gripped with fear and a lot of speculation about what caused the freak lightning .

Some members of staff at the school say that the lightning was not natural and have vowed not to return to the classrooms. Some teachers and villagers have suggested a cleansing ceremony be performed at the school to protect it.


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