FIVE Fun Facts About Zimbabwe’s Most Famous Dog… Chefie

So the Zimbabwe’s most famous dog Chefie had an interview with us via its interpreter, dad and mom Carl and Nelsy Ncube.



As you know when they are that small they really can’t talk so Chefie spilled the beans when we asked for five fun facts about her.

And she is so diva she speaks in third person:

  1. Chefie is an ancient breed of chinese dog called a CHOW CHOW
  2. Chefie is 8 months old
  3. Chefie is lactose intolerant so she doesn’t take┬ámilk or dairy products
  4. Chefie responds mainly to Shona commands
  5. Chefie is about to star in her own show featuring her mom and dad.

And with that she walked off. She didn’t even look back or anything. She was gone.



Such a diva.