fashion is a monster without disguise

So they say that Beyonce has been lightened by L’Oreal which of course doesn’t go very well with the left wing elements of society. They say it is racist and of course L’Oreal have denied this. Would they dare say yes we may have taken her down a few shades. Heck no

That said it is because of the slavery to fashion. It is not about right or wrong but about what sells… And it is about the new sex. Before they used to hide it and make it as if it was about the people they targetted but with reality tv and the internet, they don’t even bother.

They tell the masses that it is con but the masses still buy en masse. It redefines the boundaries of stupidity and creates a whole new section. We’re not even sure what to call that one to be honest except that there might be a bit of honesty and a bag-load of grey areas then a truck-load of outright cons.

The fear for me is that the next generations will say something else and this bit we’re in won’tt feel so bad.l In fact we will celebrate the decadence as being the time when a vestige of morality