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explosions and new realities

After the bomb in Hiroshima, this very in 1945, Winston Churchill said this

We must indeed pray that these awful agencies will be made to conduce peace among the nations and that instead of wreaking measureless havoc upon the entire globe they become a perennial fountain of world prosperity.

The new reality had dawned on the world. The chances of peoiple returning to the innocence they had enjoyed before the madness had gone. The virginity of the world had well and truly been violated.

The people were too numb to ask questions and too tired to protest. It was the way and they would fall in line.

That is a bit like how the world is right now. Things have changed so much the world is like an old maid, trying to pass off for a virgin. She wants to claim innocence while being involved in the midst of an orgy while claiming that the fact that every man and woman in site had inserted and appendage or eaten what could be eaten was a matter for art and science and never really an experience. It was all preparation.

the children now no longer have limits. there is minor and major debauchery all at one and the return is a myth and grasping at letters in the postbox while email works better.

We are fucked and guess what, we actually like it!