Egypt: Why The Whole World Should Worry.

We have watched the events in Egypt with keen interest and it really came as a surprise that a Google employee (im sure you all know his name ) is being hailed as one of the leaders of the uprising. Exit the militant, camouflage-wearing throat-slitting leaders of a revolution enter the nerd.

All it takes now to have your name written next to people like Mandela the African  or Lafayette the Frenchman is to open a facebook page . In that case the only Waterloo you will face is slow browser speed on the day. Yet when people start dying it all becomes real. Yet when its far from the comforts of our own realities we always think it will never happen to us, it will happen to people in some distant place. 

We  hope we as a race learn to resolve conflict through dialogue for soon people will be clicking webpages  left right and center and before we know it the world is plunged into chaos.Today its Egypt whos next we wonder ?