ED to meet Mugabe soon, students should go back to school – Chiwenga

Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantino Chiwenga has addressed the nation and said President Robert Mugabe and his former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa will meet soon after an agreement between the army and the president.

The two will hold talks to come to an agreement as to the way forward in what has been termed Operation Restore Legacy.
ED is expected in the country shortly.

Meanwhile Chiwenga has urged students who boycotted exams to return to school as the situation is resolved.

There has been a standoff since the military moved into Harare’s CBD over issues within the ruling party.

  • maita

    Hopefully people were not taken for a ride. It will be mockery to SADC,AU and the people of Zimbabwe to run around for a sabhuku vharazipi drama like episode. Is RGM handing reigns to ED or will just tell him sorry about what my wife did you are back I’m office and life goes on. If so then it will be a morckery to the people of Zimbabwe, a sign of stupidity on the part of zanupf central committee, a middle finger to SADC and AU for chasing a non existent problem and suicide on the side of ZDF generals.

  • Brutal Truth

    If there is one thing that Chiwenga dreads the most it is that this situation bursts out of control as civilians become more powerful than the army foresaw.Opposition seize this opportunity and marshal the masses into action,let the enemy be thrust into further confusion