Econet : Time to Rediscover the Inspiration

When Econet was trying to get a licence to operate in Zimbabwe, it was a story about bad vs good, weak vs strong. It fascinated most Zimbabweans because we all wanted the little guy to win, we wanted him to win because most of us at our core are little guys.

On the buses, Kombis and on bread lines people would debate in hushed voices on whether the Econet case like legal  experts, and when the drama played out on the evening news it became the topic most debated while people ate sadza remanheru (evening meal). The Econet story was a story that had, a smaller less probable person fighting a much bigger foe.

Most supported Econet because they identified with that man who was striving to succeed. Most people no matter their color , political persausion seemed to look at the Econet case with a sober mind. Everyone knew the right thing that had to be done. There was a sense of unity amongst the people. When Econet was victorous despite a plethora of obstacles we all rejoiced in this victory, for it was a victory we all shared because the little guy had won.  We all knew the benefits of having an alternative access to communication.

There were even stories of people paying subscriptions befor the network went live.Those people did so believed in the little guy and trusted him and wanted him to succeed because he was just like us and we all need a helping hand. When they went live we joined the excitment and despite Econet’s initial struggle in providing  quality service, we forgave them because we wanted to give them a chance. We revelled in the new things they introduced and we were willing to pay a little extra for them even though we didnt need them at the time. After all this was a little guy doing big things. How could we not support him ?

Fast forward to 2011. The little guy is now a big guy and he gives us a crappy service just like the other two guys we didnt care for. In fact the behaviour of this once little guy is no different from all big guys. There is a sense of being taken for granted because of our desperation and lack of good alternatives . But whats new? Such is the behaviour of most humans.

  • Wallace Makamure

    i remember just being a lil’ boy with no clue as to what was really happening BUT i still rooted for the “little guy” and wanted the “little guy” to succeed.

  • Tich0003

    Interesting though your piece might it is non the less glaringly uninformed. Econet has to operate within the legal and technical frameworks available in the territories it is present in. Econet operates in several countries with the Zimbabwe operation being the flagship. I have lived in three countries where Econet is operating and can testify that only in zimbabwe are they unable to operate at the standard they wish. My learned guess is the condition of the operating environment. It’s public knowledge that for fear of falling too far behind and cementing Econet dominance the Zimbabwe has denied the company the leeway to build communication systems and connect zimbabwe to efficient carrier networks as it’s competitors especially the former PTC now Netone does not have the technical capacity to plug in nor the liquidity to stay the course. Time and space do not allow but please get your facts righ first before criticising.
    Socially no company contributes as much as Econet in Zimbabwe, they are the biggest tax payer, biggest contributor to education amongst other things. With the Nigerian victory the company can now finally concentrate on their core business.

    • All that waffling unfortunately is just a long and winding excuse. Try calling customer care and see if you will get help. Try going to the Econet shop and see if you will be treated well. Then you also have someone from Econet saying if you don’t like our service go to NetOne or Telecel.

      If they can’t treat individual customers like they matter then all that stuff ceases to be of importance.

  • its unfair to help so that you could reap at any cost because I once helped you so I mus reap as I wish, this is the mentality of those that the little guy defeated ‘ because we fought the liberation struggle and brought independence, we have a right to reap as much as we ant at any cost, the results speak for themselves’ Strive as done what many companies even foreign have failed to do, there is no one company In Zimbabw that do social work to scale of Econet and Strive

    • The issue is not helping hand here. If you read correctly, the issue is the fact that Econet is not doing its core job well. It is ripping off customers. Noone is asking for free calls and stuff. They just want a reliable service and to not be abused.

  • upsetguy

    We pay 35c a minute its madness