EcoCash debit card now totally useless outside Zimbabwe

Econet has announced that the EcoCash debit card will only work in Zimbabwe now.

It had suspended use of the card on 11 October but said that from 1 November one could prefund (essentially load hard currency) their debit card and use it when in other climes.

Well that option’s gone out of the window now as the company says the prefunding has now¬† been ‘deferred indefinitely’ and all suspensions or card use outside Zimbabwe remain suspended.

Use in Zimbabwe remains with current limits ($10,000 a day is it?) unchanged.

The innovative service was interrupted (read stopped) by the foreign currency crisis hitting Zimbabwe right now. It is a setback especially for many who want to do business at small levels such as buying domain names and that sort of thing.

Doesn’r look likely anytime soon but one hopes something happens at some point.

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