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dstv targetted at africa’s white community?

So then there are loads of us who get tuned to so much more and all that other stuff. We love the football and all that other stuff. We get tuned into the other weird substitutes for entertainment every day and every month they request that in order to keep viewing their load of something or the other we have to pay 63 American dollars a month( depending one where you are).

Now that sounds like fair game but in a continent that is full of people of a darker shade and varying interests that DSTV for me is irrelevant. Save for the football which we all love the rest of the entertainment is pretty shit. Shit that is good for Mr and Mrs Smith but for my cousin in Mberengwa all very pointless.

I remember the other year they were showing the winter olympics as if the majority of Africans have any idea hat snow is. Talk about being alien.

then you will go to the history channel. It is almost as if Africa has not history at all. The triumphs of D-Day and how bad Hitler was, is the flavour. The little bit about Africa is how bad Idi Amin was.

I am not a fan of Mandela but couldn’t they have had something on the history of teh struggle? Even in Africa month save for MTV Base and Channel O, the two pockets of resistance that still exist, there is nothing else.

Oh let’s not forget about going to see the savages and make sure they come across as Barbarians.

How about programming that shows more about Africa and less about Europe. What does the E! channel have to do with Africa. I mean like really? Do we care what Kendra and the Kardashians are up to?

And talk to me about Africa Magic… In fact I will just ignore that…

I guess general Africa is not part of their market. In fact they are completely uninterested in that lot.

But then again this is nothing new… And I won’t be a hero. I will pay for my subs.. Where else am I going to catch Fabregas in action?

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