DStv Eutelsat Star Winner James Mahiya Off To France, Carribean

The winner of last year’s DStv-Eutelsat Star Awards, Joseph Mahiya of  Zimbabwe, travels to Europe and the Caribbean this weekend, to witness a satellite launch.


Joseph won the essay section within the 2014 DStv-Eutelsat Awards  competition, beating competitors from all over Africa to take first place and a chance to travel, first to France for a short stopover and then on to French Guyana to see the launch of a satellite into space. The launch is part of the ongoing Arianespace programme, and will provide Joseph with the chance not only to witness the launch event but also to learn more about the programme and the technology behind it.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

“We are very excited for Joseph and his guest, who will be hosted by the sponsors to a trip that takes them first to France and then over to French Guyana, from where the satellite will be launched,” The competition is run each year and aims at increasing interest in young people from all over Africa in science and technology in general and satellite communications technology in particular.

The trip will end on December 5, with his return to Zimbabwe.

We will be following his visit throughout the period he is there.