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dodging bullets in a world with no guns

You see one of the biggest problems we have in the world right now(gosh I love that expression) is the unavailabilty of human beings in the realms of power. Well how does that work. Shoot the bastard and he will die won’t he?

Not exactly. We have a class of superfine individuals who have been created from some sort of cultural or social misnomer or something. I have no idea what it is but suddenly it is improper to be human. When one has etiquette he is considered completely stupid if not more than that. Then if you are kind then you are weak.
Yet the reason why we are here at all is because of the continual kindness of people that  we have come across. Our mother didn’t flush us down the toilet, the midwife pitched up for work, the doctor paid attention… and that is just the beginning. 
We then after misseducation are driven by commonplace ambition to believiing that morality and human inclination are daft. How does that work?
Or does it even begin to work at all?