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dj cndo turns heads and decks

It was not until just after one in the morning that the first lady of Durban’s Finest decided to get on the decks and spin her web for the masses.

But soon enough she had the masses attempting to sing along to songs that they didn’t even know. The number of people who just stood at the DJ Box and just watched her work was astounding. They danced as well but they could scarcely believe how good she was.

She teased the audience. She played with their emotions and then had them bursting at the seams wondering what was happening. She was hypnotic.

Now I am one who was impressed by Euphonik’s visit to Harare but Cndo was a shade better. I don’t know what it was but she had a different flavour. Maybe it is because Durban owns house right now

Either way, she made a fan out of a whole heap of people, not least this oarsman without an oar