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diaspora lights up harare nightlife

This past weekend I partied harder than I think I have in a few lifetimes. And I have had a few.. Trust me.

So then it was symphony on friday packed with girls. We had some of Harare’s players there and even they felt outnumbered to the extent that they felt out-gunned. This was like what the fuck territory. A new realm of abject stupidity. Do you ask questions when there are no answers to give? Yeah you should know by now that i get random like that,

So back to the blokes being outnumbered. And as if that was not crazy enough we then went to the Club Mambo opening party. Well more like reopening and that was packed as well and once again, it was like a lesbian party except the women were into men. And yes you guessed right. The diaspora crew was in full force.

Then I met a girl I met on facebook but she is not from diaspora.

So then it came to pass that we had to leave at some hour past first light. Got some sleep and ended up… well I actually dont remember where I ended up. It was dark.

Then Sunday bounced along and I ended up.. well yeah you get the picture. The diaspora brigade was at it again at Kebab. There were some girls there who looked a bit young. Of course a weekend is of debauchery is never complete without visiting one of Harare’s seedy joints. Tipperary. That was some fun but not too much of it. I fell asleep in the car.

Yeah well.. Unity day spent feeling like Kanye West in Love Lockdown….