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delegations baked in the stew of a stolen iPhone

The greatest asset we have in life is the ability to twist the word and phrase in whatever shape and form. A picture sometimes looks the part because we want it to and at times it looks the other end of a beaten man’s psychology.

I have run many races in life and the result on the whole has generally been pleasant but the consistent thing that had me going all the time was the fact that there was a possibility even when I was so far a ahead I was only slightly larger than a dot in the horizon, I could lose.

When it was that the possibility of losing was far removed and virtually impossible it ceased to be a race and rather a mere coronation. That is the page that I never wanted and cared very little for. I wanted more and more came in the form of the great nightmares of humanity, those moments that eat away at us when we sleep and steal our conscience when we are awake.

I am not one who is keen in basking the rainbows that paint the sky of history, after all, rainbows are rather gay. I take pride in my silly self, in the fact that when I wake up tomorrow I will have a laugh about the things I take seriously.

I sit with a sorry excuse for a phone in my pocket. The same phone has had me lose three appointments and almost lost me a girl. Of course just as well the message system keeps things in check so that we take them in. Cause what would my reality have become if that had been any different. Would there be a reality at all?

You see the phone, and it is not an iPhone because that fell into some stew merely blesses itself and sits as if the form of a woman I have stolen from another man. Now while I have become worryingly skillful at this filching of other men’s women I shall not condone but will only preach that it shouldn’t be done and if it must be pursued the risk attached must be absorbed with grace.

It is to this moment that we must look for sanity. For you see, when the delegations come forth with calvary, more often than not the decision as been made. The moments are there to be stolen and the result must be the same. Compromise is only an absolute necessity and both feet must remain in the door.

Chance and forgiveness must be given with benevolence. What we must never do, is be caught napping because that is for the spartans, mohicans, dodos and whatever forms that existed before that were caught napping.

Alas but there is that greater meaning that must be adhered to. Drat. That calling. But why and why should I care?

Cause at the end of the day, with a hot phone and delegates living in clouds, who do you believe in?