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damned if he didnt, screwed if he did

So Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama on Meet the Press this weekend and well it’s huge. Well look at it this way.. Barack Obama, one of the most liberal Democrats on the market has been endorsed by a conservative icon. 

Well I can’t say I was surprised. Yeah he admitted race was an issue but not the issue but the reality on the ground is would you pass up the opportunity to jump on the Barack Obama bandwagon and be part of history. I mean the fact that Obie is a few streets ahead of McCain as a  candidate for president could he really miss that chance, being a statesman of so great substance.
It does make the next two weeks interesting because there are people who could rally behind McCain because of this endorsement. But there might just be a chance that those who were centrist republicans could just jump ship and join ranks with Gen Powell. 
It’s a curious bit of business that is one thing for sure

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