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croco motors boss in racist slur

It is one of those moments that offends you so much you don’t do anything about it. Steeped in prehistoric culture it is a mindset that was the life and limb of one Ian Douglas Smith and has become the second nature of the newly rich and their pretentious lookalikes.

And so it happened the other day that after the last of the ODI cricket matches at Harare Sports Club that two of Harare’s socialites (names supplied) along with two other friends made their way to a social gathering that was hosted by Croco Motors who were the main sponsors of the ODI series.

Now as it turned out, upon arrival the four were treated as if they had come to gate-crash the party expecting drinks for free. Murmurings and disapproving stares did the rounds as the four were dressed down, it being a Sunday.

When the four were leaving the place, a man identified as Farai Matsika the head honcho at Croco Motors made comment. ‘Takuzobirwa mafoni manje’ which is shona for ‘Now we’re going to get our phones stolen with this sort around here’. To add insult to injury another added, ‘mabhoyi’ an expression steeped in colonialism that referred to every black man as boy, or second class citizen.

Some people would ignore this throwaway comment but what it implied that just because rthe four were black, dressed down and not flashing their blackberries/iphones etc, they were automatically criminals.

Some would argue that this author was making a mountain of a mole-hill, but is symptomatic of a society that denigrates its own based on some convoluted expression of standard.

If this was plain snobbery one would put it down to indefatigable ignorance but this is a complete derogation of people based on colour. It is pretty obvious that if the four had been caucasian, such remarks would not have entered said minds.

Now it is not just sad that this should be the case in general but that such an irresponsible comment should be made by a prominent member of society is quite simply unacceptable.

And that when other people were told of this event, it was met by the expression, ‘Ah well Farai has always been a [expletive]”, makes it all a lot sadder.

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