copy cats

the other day i was watching Triumph des Willens, or “Triumph of the Will, in simple English and i was fascinated how Leni Riefenstahl was so ahead of her time in film making. so the opening scene which was the center of the controversial film opens with a very long birds eye view scene of the sky and clouds as if a GOD or a messiah is coming to earth to save all humanity, the prince of peace cometh, and indeed when the plane lands a smiling short man emerges from the belly of the bird much to the joy of those who waited for his coming…this would have been perfect for any closing scene of any play based on the book of revelations … but this was not the end times it was 1934 Nuremberg Germany and the supposed prince of peace was Adolf himself. Leni Riefenstahl was ostracized for being part of the propagada machine yet this was a beautiful film who’s camera angles and focus were revolutionary at the time, it is easy to now tell where the tradition by all politicians and heads of states comes from where they arrive in planes and the scenes of the plane landing are usually shown what people dont realise is that before Triumph des Willens most leaders had not cared about their arrival but some presidents even now have special authoritative names for their planes like AIRFORCE ONE which creates the illusion of a one of its kind image. Any one wanting to learn how to be a clever movie director should watch this.