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civic society blocking constitutional reforms?

Now work with me on this for a moment. Yes we all watched or read the news yesterday about the whole invasion by the Old Man’s supporters when the all-stakeholders conference was about to take place. Yes Tendai Bit went all vitriolic in the usual populist manner.

But tell me this, who has more to lose from a new constitution. Think of it. If your name is Lovemore Madhuku and a new constitution appeared tomorrow, how thrilled would you be about it.

Yeah yeah the argument could be that there will be an evolution of responsibilities towards making sure the constitution is defended. But why do we elect a president then? Someone to keep track of him.? What is the use of the check and balances we already have then?

As was suggested in the previous installment of this here blog, the general public wants nothing to do with the whole circus because it is as such… I hear they have given 10 million dollars for the whole advertising machine behind the scam.

I am not cynical. Don’t get me wrong. I want a new constitution. I want the inclusive government to work. But I also want to have sex with Halle Berry…

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