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changes most welcome? everything remains the same

So the thing we want most is for things to remain the same when it comes to us but not so much when it comes to others. We insist that other people need to grow in one way or the other but we deny the change within ourselves.

Now this is not just some dumb alcohol induced philosophy although i won’t confirm or deny the presence of alcohol in my system as i write this. As i look out from the boat i would like to fool myself into thinking that moving has changed. That i row the same as i always have and everyone else has changed and thus the tragedy that unfolds before my eyes.

Truth be told, this is me ranting. Thankfully there is no self-pity in all of this. I am terribly happy and it is annoying because some weird part of me wishes i had some of the issues some of these idiots have. It would be fun. Maybe not.

Maybe i should stop before i start accusing my fellow oarsmen of not rowing the way they used to…