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change is always coming

So it has been a bit since I last wrote and I meet people online and offline asking me where the next blog is and I am like well, it will be ready when it is ready.

Not as if I carry out extensive research when it comes to these things but orgasms are not the only ones that are meant to be faked. No sir there are a bunch of other things that must be faked as a matter of fact or else life is pointless. The reality is an excruciating pain that makes pain seem beautiful.

Of course there are new realities that I am facing and they are exciting, frustrating and somehow exciting.

I am in it for a reason that I am not sure I comprehended much before. But now I get it and it is startling. Well not really startling but it has my eyes wide open and listening. Watching they say but the sound is more thrilling.

The phases are no longer the same and the challenges have changed. Yes change has been knocking on the door and i had to open the door and guess what. It was a woman and she threw coal in my face.

AH but it would be better if she was real then you would see the devil right ? But she isnt. SO you are terminally screwed. What do you do? Do you just sit and hope? A very unattractive option right there.

Hate to admit and love the fact of it but something has changed. This was not evolution. This was violent.