Why Cabs In Harare Scare Me

I use cabs a lot in Harare. Most of my journeys are pretty short and stay out till all sorts of dodgy hours so it makes sense.

However the whole cab affair is beginning to make me feel a bit uneasy. A lot of these guys work ridiculous hours. So as the hours go by they get really tired and all sorts of risks come up. Not least the fact that he is so drowsy he is likely to run you into a tree on your way from Red Fox on a Wednesday night. I have had an experience of that nature and my mates and I ended up taking over the car. If we hadn’t who knows what would have happened.

Then there are those who drive at manic speeds and play lotto with passengers’ lives. You have seen them speed through an intersection or go through a red traffic light and almost hit into another car.

Then there are those who are friendly with you who decided to pull out a drink while they drive you.

Finally, there have been a couple of robbers who have hijacked a cab driver and used his car for all sorts of nefarious activity. So you could be getting your cab ride home from Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex after a night out with Sulu and Tuku not knowing that the two gentlemen in there are not who they are. Next thing, they drop you off near Circle Cement – seems to be a favourite area –  and you are in a it of a pickle.

Still, there are few honest ones. A lot of them put in an honest shift.

It is just those odd-ones out.