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But why Cde Thabo

So yesterday the bombshell was dropped. Our dear comrade Thabo Mbeki will be leaving office soon and he will give a press conference today or something. 

I did rather like him so it is what it is? Yes the next president of South Africa is an idiot and should be shot for the sake of the nation but in reality there are ways of doing these things. Yes we can manipulate the system but we use technicalities. that is the new way. You should have started visiting Bobby Mugz from up north a lot earlier to get tips mate.
I am worried for SA because well what happens now? Mind you the ANC should be even more worried because the number of disgruntled South Africans from this fallout is significant especially given the way Malema and his lot are going.
We will just sit and wait and see what happens… 
But Cde Thabo. If life becomes odd there you are free to come back to Zimbabwe!